Wednesday, 20 June 2007

June Mixtape.

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In my ongoing struggle to provide a-mix-a-month, here's Junes Mixtape.

I had big ambitions for this one.
The plan was to make it as vocal as possible, playing the vocal tracks off each other.

I worked out most of a set prior to recording... then I went and got ruined watching LCD Soundsytem & Daft Punk at the 02 Wireless festival (Daft Punk Live is officially the most amazing thing in the world ever - FACT!).

As such, I've recorded the thing in a severely diminished state and whacked on a (poor copy of a) Daft Punk Remix and an LCD track at the end.

Anyway, as always, all comments are welcome.



Sister Saviour - The Rapture (Black Strobe Remix)
Ezekial Eats Red Hoodies - The Bloody Beetroots
OK - Shit Disco (Acid Girls Remix)
C'est Bien Trop Tarde - Catherine Ferroyer Blancharde (Scalde Remix)
En Diesen Em Raum - Trost
Get Low Club Action - Herve (Scattermish Edit)
Yo - Bassnecter (Speaker Junks Jackin Brazillian Rave Remix)
Barbie's Back - Golden Bug
Drugs - Felix Cartel
Anyway You Choose To Give It - Black Ghosts (Playgroup Remix)
Realize - X-Wife (Tomboy Remix)
Playmate - Armand Van Helden
Everybody Rockin - Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal
Weird Science - Does it offend you, Yeah?
Human After All - Daft Punk (Justice Remix)
The Man Who Paid Before - Franz & Shape (Riot in Belgium's Bedroom Mix)
Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem


Friday, 8 June 2007

Pierre Le Weasel.

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Talent is a funny thing.

I first met young Pete back at an after party at his brothers flat.

I was heavily into partying and all it entailed at the time and was in a bit of an altered state, if truth be told.

I was presented with this cropped haired guy in a paisley shirt who looked about 12 years old (and was in fact only 17).

Pete started telling me all about how awesome his band was and i nodded graciously thinking how familiar it was to have another young guy spout off about how their band was gonna take over the world.

Thing is, his band - The Catweasels - actually were/are good.

Time passed, we became friends and Pete grew into the wild corkscrew haired celeb he is today and The Catweasels went on to be the first signing for Ross Futureheads Longest Mile Record label.

Full Circle:

I'm DJing at a club on Tuesday and Pete comes over, clean shaven, with newly cropped hair, looking about 8 years younger.

"I've written a new electro/techno tune"

Again, i nod graciously, where have i heard all of this before?

The tune only happens to be fucking fantastic.

I hate talent.

PC Weasel - Shit Kicker
( Download Link - )

Of Serving Drinks and Killing Snakes

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Another day, another post.

The first track I've decided to stick up here, was a random purchase which I made at the brilliant Rounders Records in Brighton.
Its a track called In Diesen em Raum by Trost.

Trost is Anneka Trost of the German electorklash outfit Cobra Killer.
To be honest, i knew nothing about Trost or Cobra Killer till after buying the 12".
The only reason I bought the record was for a DJ Hell remix on the B side, but it turned out the original on the A Side was amazing - so lucky me.

The track is kind of disco punk meets swamp blues, with a lazy Vocal which dispels the myth that the German language can't be sexy.

The next track I'm posting is kind of in the public domain, but I still think it bares a bit of attention.
The 80's new wave band The Waitressess are probably best known for their uk chart bothering 'Christmas (W)Rapping'.

For me, the bands sound always conjures up an image of New York, but it turns out they were from Ohio.

Their sound basically stemmed from 2 main factors;
1) The experimental leanings of Chris Butler, their guitarist and songwriter.
2) The laconic delivery of singer Patty Donahue (also known as Patty Darling).

While the band were very much present in the beginings of the post-punk landscape, Donahues delivery always seems laidback in comparison with her contemporaries.
Later in her career, Donahue was credited on Alice Coopers album 'Zipper catches Skin' as "Vocals & Sarcasm"

Anyway, with the rise of New Wave influenced bands, in particular New Young Pony Club, its worth listening to I Know What Boys Like, just to get a taste of where they're coming from.

So, i think the point of this post was lazy sexy female vocals, but i'm never that clear about the point of anything I do.


Trost - In Diesen em Raum
( Download Link - )

The Waitressess - I Know What Boys Like
( Download Link - )

Thursday, 7 June 2007

You got the touch... You got the power

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Just had to post this.

Managed to get a hold of the new ThemeMusic for the upcoming live action Transformers movie.

Its an attempt at the original music from the cartoon in a Linkin park stylee.


Transformers Theme Tune 07
( Download Link - )

Chinese Whispers, Greek Prog & Androids

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Believe it or not, I used to sing in a band.

At one point, we were looking for an obscure song to cover and hopefully reclaim as our own.

My Dad, suggested a tune which he had on his computer, called Sympathy, which he claimed was by a band called Aphrodites Child.

The tune was a plodding 60's number with a great dual vocal on it.

I've been searching for years to get a copy of the tune, but couldn't find it anywhere.

It turns out the tune was really by a band called Rare Bird, who were from London, but had some limited success in Europe in the 60's before splitting in the mid 70's.

In searching for the tune, I ended up learning more about the actual band Aphrodites Child, who were actually a Greek prog rock band that relocated to London in the 60's with 2 of their members going on to have solo success throughout the 70's & 80's (pretty much the opposite of Rare Bird).

Aphrodites Childs biggest achievement was recording a concept album called 666 which was a musical version of the book of Revelations (no shit - prog rock is HILARIOUS).
The stress of recording this 'opus' was enough to cause the band to split.

The two members who continued on to solo success, were none other than bedsheet wearing, hirsute fatty - Demis Roussos and Synth Botherer Vangelis, who went on to compose the soundtracks to Chariots of fire, 1492 Conquest of Paradise and possibly my favourite film - Blade Runner.

My band imploded under the joint pressures of Drug Abuse, Marriage and the Civil Service, which is a shame, because that would have a great name for our first album.

Rare Bird - Sympathy
( Download link - )

Aphrodites Child - The Four Horsemen
( Download link - )

Vangelis - Love Theme from Blade Runner
( Download link - )

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Chill aht! Y'get meh?

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I know it seems like I'm obsessively posting on this, but it just seems so bare and spartan at the moment.

I assure you the frequency will drop as the page fills up (and I get bored).

The first tune I'm posting is Better Things by Massive Attack Feat Tracy Thorne (from Everything but the Girl).
This tune is fresh in my mind at the moment, simply because it was killing me trying to remember its name all weekend.
In my opinion, this is better than Protection, the other more well known collaboration between the 2 artists (although that may just be due to over familiarity with the single).
Its quite mournful, dubby, trip hop, with some eastern sounding strings.

Thorne also has a new solo album out, which I'm really keen to hear.

Better Things - Massive Attack, Feat Tracy Thorne
( Download link - )

The next track is from Bring it On, the Debut album of Soulwax's pals Goose.
I can barely call this a tune really, it's more of a long intro or a bridge than a short tune.
I really enjoy the way it builds and falls. It leaves me with a strange satisfied feeling at the end.

Safari Beach - Goose
( Download Link - )

The first time i heard this last track, Know How by Kings Of Convenience was back at a friends place, deep in the depths of a mammoth session and at the stage were all of the ingested substances kicking around in my system were pulling through the floor.
We played the song 4 times in a row, just to listen to the female vocal come in.
The song nearly breaks under the weight of a subtle, yet swelling piano arpeggio towards the end, then lets it go just at the last minute.

Know How - Kings of Convenience.
( Download Link - )

Who would win in a fight? Spock, or Data?

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It's official, I've just came off the phone to one of my oldest and closest friends and we are both becoming internet geeks.

We've sat and had an hours chat about software, websites and more software.
You have to understand, this is not us.
Back in the day this was the kid who drank suncream because we'd ran out of booze and I'm the guy who stayed awake for 5 days and only had to stop partying because i was losing the sight in one eye.

All of sudden we're 2 steps away from playing online RPG's and chatting in the forums about Charmed.

Anyway, our conversation ended up with him asking me to identify a tune from an SMD live mix.

.... and me agreeing to post it for him to download...


Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation

( Download link> )