Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Chill aht! Y'get meh?

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I know it seems like I'm obsessively posting on this, but it just seems so bare and spartan at the moment.

I assure you the frequency will drop as the page fills up (and I get bored).

The first tune I'm posting is Better Things by Massive Attack Feat Tracy Thorne (from Everything but the Girl).
This tune is fresh in my mind at the moment, simply because it was killing me trying to remember its name all weekend.
In my opinion, this is better than Protection, the other more well known collaboration between the 2 artists (although that may just be due to over familiarity with the single).
Its quite mournful, dubby, trip hop, with some eastern sounding strings.

Thorne also has a new solo album out, which I'm really keen to hear.

Better Things - Massive Attack, Feat Tracy Thorne
( Download link - )

The next track is from Bring it On, the Debut album of Soulwax's pals Goose.
I can barely call this a tune really, it's more of a long intro or a bridge than a short tune.
I really enjoy the way it builds and falls. It leaves me with a strange satisfied feeling at the end.

Safari Beach - Goose
( Download Link - )

The first time i heard this last track, Know How by Kings Of Convenience was back at a friends place, deep in the depths of a mammoth session and at the stage were all of the ingested substances kicking around in my system were pulling through the floor.
We played the song 4 times in a row, just to listen to the female vocal come in.
The song nearly breaks under the weight of a subtle, yet swelling piano arpeggio towards the end, then lets it go just at the last minute.

Know How - Kings of Convenience.
( Download Link - )

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