Friday, 8 June 2007

Pierre Le Weasel.

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Talent is a funny thing.

I first met young Pete back at an after party at his brothers flat.

I was heavily into partying and all it entailed at the time and was in a bit of an altered state, if truth be told.

I was presented with this cropped haired guy in a paisley shirt who looked about 12 years old (and was in fact only 17).

Pete started telling me all about how awesome his band was and i nodded graciously thinking how familiar it was to have another young guy spout off about how their band was gonna take over the world.

Thing is, his band - The Catweasels - actually were/are good.

Time passed, we became friends and Pete grew into the wild corkscrew haired celeb he is today and The Catweasels went on to be the first signing for Ross Futureheads Longest Mile Record label.

Full Circle:

I'm DJing at a club on Tuesday and Pete comes over, clean shaven, with newly cropped hair, looking about 8 years younger.

"I've written a new electro/techno tune"

Again, i nod graciously, where have i heard all of this before?

The tune only happens to be fucking fantastic.

I hate talent.

PC Weasel - Shit Kicker
( Download Link - )

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